PoLTE Macro™ is currently being trialed by leading companies in many different markets, all of whom are seeking to improve performance, differentiate products and services, and deliver high margin results. Wireless carriers/operators, retailers and data providers have access to richer data that enables the delivery and monetization of value-added, customized services along with more accurate information.

Machine to machine and Internet of Things

Machine-to-Machine & Internet of Things

PoLTE Macro, the new standard in location-based data services, is an effective solution for machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) applications, which include tracking and navigation, safety and security, asset management and machine control.

For M2M/IoT customers, PoLTE delivers location positioning results that are accurate to within one meter, both indoors and outdoors, depending on cell configuration in the area. This performance enables enterprises to tag and track high-value assets quickly, accurately and reliably, ensuring that organizations can protect their investments and deliver reliable location-based services to their personnel and customers.

PoLTE is an effective solution for all M2M/IoT growth sectors, including healthcare, mining, oil and gas exploration, aerospace, transportation, government and manufacturing.


Targeted mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

PoLTE Macro offers customers combined speed, accuracy, reliability and low deployment cost, making it the perfect solution for location-aware mobile advertising and big data analytics. With its unique ability to passively track customers via their LTE smartphones and tablets inside retail stores, shopping malls, casinos, theme parks and other high foot-traffic venues, and with its unsurpassed precision of one meter (or, “aisle level”) positioning accuracy indoors, PoLTE offers advertisers and retailers an entirely new and effective way to connect with customers through precisely-targeted, location-aware, mobile advertisements and promotions.

In addition to collecting customers’ positioning and in-store travel patterns, businesses, advertisers and market researchers can combine PoLTE location tracking data with other pertinent market data related to:

  • shopping habits;
  • point-of-sale transactions;
  • loyalty card information;
  • and in-store product placements.

Collectively, these analytics are extremely valuable to businesses that are looking to increase average transaction sales per customer.


Customer and Crowd Tracking

Crowd & Customer Tracking

With the ubiquity of LTE mobile networks, both existing and planned network deployments, PoLTE enables businesses and government agencies to passively locate and track large groups or gatherings of people via their LTE devices; i.e., smartphones, tablets and others.


Public Safety and Military Applications

Public Safety & Military

The precise location positioning delivered by PoLTE™ is of vital importance for both public sector and military applications. Advances in technological performance and the availability of low cost mobile devices are enabling the public sector and military market to turn to location positioning as a way to protect, track and guide first responders and deployed troops, to precisely mobilize and deploy reactive services, and to safeguard costly equipment. For these markets, the more accurate the location positioning system, the greater the operational effectiveness and safety of the campaigns.

In the public safety market, the ability to locate firefighters quickly and accurately in life-threatening situations, such as in burning buildings and disaster recovery areas translates to benefits measured in life-saving minutes. With similar criticality, law enforcement agencies can ensure the safety of their personnel when they can track them accurately and reliably, as they move seamlessly through indoor and outdoor environments and in built-up areas.

For the military market, Armed Services can more effectively undertake safer campaigns when they can locate and track accurately and reliably the position of their personnel and equipment. A breakthrough location positioning technology, PoLTE Macro delivers these benefits and more.