Polte’s C-LoC Makes Great Location Easy

Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) is a revolutionary SaaS-based location solution that makes it simple for developers to add the best location capability to their IoT projects.


BEST PERFORMANCE: C-LoC outperforms all other cellular location approaches using 4G & 5G signals to accurately determine location of devices indoors and outdoors; 3-10x more accurate.


LESS HARDWARE: Software-only solution leveraging just the cellular IoT modem; replaces the need for GPS and Wi-Fi, thus reducing cost, power, and footprint of IoT devices.


EASY FOR DEVELOPERS: simple, familiar dev interfaces in device and in the cloud.


SIMPLE TO DEPLOY: C-LoC leverages standard, globally available 4G & 5G reference signals with
no complex network integration and no impact to network capacity; can be deployed OTT.


SECURE: location is not determined on device eliminating device-based vulnerabilities; resistant to spoofing.


Polte is disrupting the economics of IoT with the lowest cost,

lowest power and most secure location platform available.

Find out more about how the Polte platform works in the videos below.

See how Cloud Location over Cellular from Polte works!

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Polte Device Integration GuidePolte Device Integration Guide



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