PoLTE offers the most accurate location solution for everything, everywhere.

Location Based Services

PoLTE’s patented location platform changes the landscape for the cellular connected IoT and mobile device ecosystem. By utilizing the LTE/ 4G & 5G networks to determine positioning, PoLTE enables device manufacturers to eliminate the need for multiple radios, thereby reducing power demands, shrinking device size and lowering costs.

How It Works

By handing off computations from the device to the cloud, this solution is more than 25 times more power efficient than GPS for initial fixes and 3-4 times more efficient than other cellular-based location solutions. Near instantaneous fixes – sub 1 second – enable the growth of new use cases, which will increasingly demand the least amount of latency possible.

Disrupting IoT Economics

PoLTE’s location technologies leverage existing LTE/ 4G & 5G networks to offer the most ubiquitous and accurate location intelligence seamlessly indoors and outdoors. This approach completely transforms the IoT market, allowing 4G & 5G cellular-connected IoT devices to have the longest battery life and lowest cost at the smallest size possible.

PoLTE disrupts IoT economics by enabling manufacturers to eliminate the need for additional radios, decreasing the cost of IoT and mobile devices.

Location Intelligence

With location information determination done in the cloud, PoLTE’s solution provides a powerful data platform that enables advanced analytics and machine learning. Deeper insights are achieved by aggregating the signal information gathered from all devices connected to the PoLTE Cloud.

“The IoT and Mobility marketplace are being constrained by current location technologies. PoLTE will allow them to maximize their potential.”

- Ed Chao, CEO



PoLTE is a software company whose location technologies seamlessly track the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and mobile devices indoors and outdoors via its cloud-based, virtualized location platform.


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