PoLTE is the Preeminent Location Solution

The Challenge

The World is rapidly becoming “Hyper-Connected” as billions of new “things” become connected each year. This massive growth is driving a new set of device and module requirements focused on extreme size, power and cost reductions. These “things” can be inches in size, run on batteries for years and cost single digit dollars to manufacture.

The conventional approach of using multiple location technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) is not satisfactory moving forward. Collectively these technologies create too large of a footprint, draw too much power and add too much cost yet independently they do not work both indoors and out-of-doors.

PoLTE’s technology overcomes all those limitations, offering an ideal location solution for this huge new market.

How It Works

To overcome these market challenges, PoLTE designed, invented and patented a location platform that leverages LTE / OFDM wireless radio signals, to identify and accurately locate any LTE device indoors or outside.  This eliminates the need for multiple physical radios and chipsets (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) thus reducing size, power and cost both for devices and infrastructure. 

PoLTE’s patented location platform leverages LTE / OFDM wireless radio signals to identify and accurately locate any LTE device indoors or outside — eliminating the need for GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth and reducing size, power and cost both for devices and infrastructure.

To accomplish this, PoLTE off-loads the heavy computational location algorithms, the “engine”, from the device to virtualized location servers in the Cloud or in Mobile Edge Computers (MEC). This “Lite-touch” architecture simplifies device integration as it utilizes an open interface to send small bits of data from the device to the “engine” where the data is then processed. This reduces battery drain to a fraction compared to GPS or other technologies.

Within the “engine” are advanced Multipath Mitigation techniques, a central piece of the patent portfolio, which helps to overcome the inherent challenges of using radio frequencies to identify a device’s location.

To deliver cutting edge performance, PoLTE employs another patented approach of using Super Resolution algorithms to achieve up to 10x more accuracy than other industry leading approaches.

Further, having the “engine” in the cloud or on a MEC, versus the billions of connected devices, allows for better control and security along with more efficient operations, administration and management. Virtualized locations servers more easily scale on demand and while the “engine” can be transparently updated over time to enhance accuracy and capabilities such as network learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Conversely, imagine network and device impact of having to push multiple improvements directly to billions of devices while also trying to add advanced capabilities into the constrained devices … that’s just not practical. Once the locations and information is available in the cloud or on a MEC, it can then be sent to multiple systems, used for analysis, stored for Big Data, passed on as alerts … all without adversely impacting the devices.

“The IoT and Mobility marketplace are being constrained by current location technologies. PoLTE will allow them to maximize their potential.”

- Ed Chao, CEO



PoLTE is a software company whose location technologies seamlessly track the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and mobile devices indoors and outdoors via its cloud-based, virtualized location platform.


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